The Paper Mache Craze

The last time I touched paper mache was in the sixth grade. It was an art summer camp and I loved every minute of it.

Sadly, back then, our teacher did most of the technical aspects of the work so that we kids got to do only the fun stuff and hence I never really learnt the entire process of craft making using soggy paper. Fast forward to seven years later and voila, I’m so glad that the internet happened because I’m using mache again.

Okay, so maaaybe today was the first day and we are only half way through our work. But, who cares? It’s so much fun.

I was browsing the other (endless) artistic/ creative/ super cute things one could do with them and here’s what I found!


Source- pinterest

I love elephants and I love crafting! What could possible be better than this. This is so going on my craft goal list (Once I make a list, that is)

images (13).jpg


It’s probably too early to talk about Easter considering that Lent hasn’t even begun yet. Pfft. But I doubt there’s such a thing as early planning.




Now, THIS, is pure workmanship. I would probably put a smile on that lovely statuette though. Wh0 can believe this is made out of PAPER? Wow.


This will definitely come in handy around the house and is an extremely good way of reusing all that old newspaper.


I don’t understand the craze around pretty lanterns these days but I seem to falling for it too. This looks super pretty but I am not sure how long it will last before the heat of the bulb ruins it.


If you want your desk to stand out at home/office/college, don’t fret. Magic paper pants is here. This is going in my crafts list too! It is so adorable. Perfect for gifting as well.


A piggy bank that won’t cost you all that money in your piggy bank! Talk about savings.


Alphabets are always fun and instead of spending a million dollars (Ok, maybe not that much) on wooden letters at a home store, why not make some of your own?

The possibilities with paper are endless. It’s a great way of reducing the amount of useful paper and tissue that would just end up piling up in your landfill as well as a good reliever for your wallet. Not to mention, if done in the right way and with the right people, it’s a fantastic way to spend an afternoon. I hope you like the ideas I have compiled here and hopefully one day I will create a post with pictures of my own work.





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