A post written by Eleven year old Dalia

It took a long time to hunt this down on my laptop but I finally found it. It’s a little piece I had written for an English Assignment in the 6th grade and as young as I was back then , I took extreme pride and was firmly of the opinion that it was best work yet.

Somehow, after nine years , Almost-twenty year Dalia begs to differ.

The World For Me

I live in a world

With rules set by others

And I am always left behind


I live in a world

Where no one is considered sisters or brothers

And always feel hatred towards mankind


I live in a world

Surrounded by sea

But never does any kindness flow into my world


I have a dream to fulfill one day

To cross the sea and go the hills over there

Away from this evil place


Life in the hills would be pleasant and gay

Where no one any problems have to bear

Away from this place of evil and craze


My dream is to go away from here

And live a life of liberty

And only my rules will I obey

Without shedding a tear


It may seem impossible to you

But I will believe in me

And make my dreams come true

And I will make the world beyond the sea

The world beyond the sea

A world for me


I was a weird child. Don’t judge me. (Or maybe you can.  I can’t see you.. so oh well.)

But on a lighter note, this is something else I had written around the same here. My writing style is so bad, it’s almost funny.

The Autobiography of a Bag

I am a black strap. I am getting a body. I realize I am a bag. I realize I am in a factory where many other bags like me are being created. I then close my eyes to avoid thinking of my future

I realize I am with so many other relatives of mine in a shop. A girl has just bought me. She loves me a lot. She has hung a teddy bear on me. The teddy bear and me became friends.

The girl used to use me daily. She put a machine inside me that rung and when the girl touched it a person began to talk. One day my owner did a thing that almost spoilt my life. She left me in a restaurant. The janitor kept me in the lost and found cabinet. During those dark and difficult times the teddy bear was my only companion. One-day the janitor’s daughter took a great liking towards me. With the janitors permission the girl took me home. I missed my former owner because the janitor’s daughter rarely used me and when she did she damaged me. One day I was damaged so much that the janitor’s daughter threw me in the public garbage bin. Luckily something great happened. My first owner recognized me when she had come to throw something and took me home and repaired me. I was really happy. Now I have become old and I am still used but never become weary. All I say to my owners relatives and friends young bags is that cherish every moment of your life because ‘EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR OUR OWN GOOD’

Otherwise I would have never come back to my first owner.

Now the teddy bear and I enjoy life to the fullest. Life couldn’t be any better.


Do you ever read things you’ve written as a kid? What would you say to younger you?



6 responses to “A post written by Eleven year old Dalia

  1. I’m amazed by the poem! Its the best I’ve seen written by a sixth grader, really! Very meaningful 🙂 thank you fpr sharing it here – Michelle

    Liked by 1 person

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