Of houseboats, hill stations and metropolitan cities- All in one week.

I’ve been itching to go on a real vacation for three years now but since each member of my family has an extremely different schedule , we’ve barely had to time to even breathe together let alone go on a full fledged holiday.

So the fact that we finally did manage to cut some ends and go on this vacation means a lot. It’s been ages since all the five of us have traveled anywhere together but that did not mean we had to go far in search of a good time. Why bother looking anywhere else when God’s Own Country was a nine hour drive away?

Instead of writing a full fledged travel diary entry ( my travel entry on paper is almost 32 pages. Yikes.) and boring you all with the unnecessary details that you probably do not want to read, I’ll just share a few photos that we took through the course of the holiday and I hope you enjoy seeing my memories as much I enjoyed making them.



The waterfalls at Munnar- It’s summer in Munnar during the months of April and May and most of the water falls had dried except for this one. Maybe, during the other seasons, the falls would have been more robust.  But the view was exhilarating so this one was worth a stop.


Spice Gardens- There are many commercial spice gardens to choose from in Munnar and they seem to be more or less similar to each other . The one we went to was home to a large variety of medicinal herbs and trees that were endemic to that region. I particularly liked  this Wild Pineapple (the inedible version) a lot because it looked small and simply adorable.


This damselfly was staring at my brother when the Spice Garden guide was explaining the plants and their properties to us. What a creep! (Okay okay. A slightly cute creep.)


The view of Munnar from the top of a hill-  The weather was a pleasant 24 degrees which was a welcome change from the scorching heat in the rest of South India.


A candid picture of my family and I walking through the tea plantations in Munnar.


No. This isn’t a forest fire. This is how misty the hills got in the evening. The entire district at around five would be circumscribed by this kind of cold refreshing mist. It was a perfect way, indeed, of ensuring I didn’t miss the noise and hullabaloo back home.


How pretty is this picture? Very. That’s how much. Flowers are such a gift to the eye.


Speaking of flowers, here is another breathtakingly beautiful one.


This is a tree filled with honey bee hives! It probably won’t amaze (or as some people say, ‘flummox’) most of you, but I have never seen anything like this before, so I was quite impressed.


I’m sorry for the floral overdose in this post but I just cannot help it. Munnar has such pretty vegetation , it’s hard to give its beauty justice. This is the Munnar Rose Garden but I do not know why it is called that because it has so many other flowers as well. Everything here has been designed and arranged  so aesthetically, the shutter bugs went crazy for the entire time we were there. Sadly our trip here was cut short by an unexpected bout of rain.


DAHLIA FLOWERS! My namesake. There were many different colours of these but my best friend liked the pink ones the best so I put these pictures up for show!


And for one last time, an (almost) panoramic view of the Rose Garden after it was done raining. This shot was taken from where we were taking shelter.


Elephant Safari, Munnar- I did not ride on the elephants myself but watching those innocent yet majestic beasts just walk past me was such a great privilege. I have always had a deep love for elephants and I sometimes feel kind of bad that people exploit them in this way for entertainment.


Best part of the entire trip- The boat house at Allepey! This was a unique and a one-of-a-kind experience that I would recommend to anyone who will listen . An overnight stay in a boat like this should be something that is ticked off at least once from your bucket list. The rides were peaceful, the view magnificent, the surroundings clean and the food excellent. The different kinds of people and their diverse ways of life that you see when you sail through the stretch of the lake will amaze you. It’s a world completely separate from ours and yet in every way, a part of ours as well.

And so this is a part of my travel diary I have shared with the world. I hope you like it. If you want to know anything specific about any of the experiences I have described above, please do let me know. Time constraints prevent me from doing so at the moment but very soon, I shall put a more detailed blog post on this. Until then, *insert cool tagline that I will one day come up with*




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