The 20th Birthday hangover of a non-alcoholic kind

My 20th birthday was extremely special and it’s most probably because of you. Yes. You. The unassuming reader who is currently reading my blog. Thank you for making my second decade on this planet a memorable one. I will never forget it as long as I live.

Thank you Mama and Dada for still wishing me like a two year old  though I’m muuuuuuuch older than that. It reminds me that no matter how many more birthday candles I’ll blow in the years to come, I’ll always be a baby to you guys. (*phew*)

Thank you Anshu , my best friend for knowing me inside out like an owner knows its socks. Thank you for your lovely gift and letters that were not only meant for me  but for 30 and 40 and 50 year old Dalia as well. On behalf of all of us, we thank you for them and also for your wonderful gift of friendship.

(P.S Thank you Anisha for the lovely artwork on my letters! Do not think I didn’t notice)

Thank you yesterday morning’s speeding auto rickshaw driver for helping me understand the true importance of the life I was celebrating yesterday. You drove so fast and so callously, my hair almost ripped off my scalp and my body was going to be thrown to the other side of the city. Man, you definitely knew the value of a birthday. 

Thank you  my awesome friends Nitya and Patricia for making my day yesterday! From all the jokes we cracked during the internship to the pranks we played at Dice and Dine and the poetry we enjoyed at Atta Galatta, you guys were every reason my gums were on public display.

Thank you  all my lovely classmates (my BCZ weirdos) , JNC friends and all my other close friends for taking time out to wish me and express your life. I wish I could name you one by one or at least line you all up right now in front of me so that I could give you each a warm bear hug, but sigh, I cannot. You may not know this but I treasure each and every message I receive not only as a hard (or soft copy) but also in my heart. (Cheese overdose. I hope none of you are lactose intolerant)

Thank you Zebrafish for co-operating with us yesterday. Your contribution to my overall state of happiness has been noted. (Mind you.)

Thank you Saldanha and Lobo family , my aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins,for showing me a love than only you guys are capable of giving. It’s a privilege to be part of a family like this and everything I am today is because of your good wishes.

Thank you to all the marvelous people who wished me on Whatsapp and Facebook! Social media is such a great medium to connect and thank you for using it to make my day!

Thank you Sir (My internship guide) for leaving us early from the lab so that we could chill the whole day like little kids that look like aunties 😛 (Nitya’s words taken out context, not mine)

Thank you cooks at Dice and Dine for cooking such yummy food that filled my stomach for the next twenty fours and the people at Cafe Nation for offering us free brownies and marshmallows!

Thank you Atta Galatta and the awe-inspiring people I met at yesterday’s ‘Friday-the-13th’ themed Open Mic and poetry workshop. The kind of talent I got to see made me pinch myself and question whether all this was real. Also performing a small piece with my best friend in front of all these crazily fantastic wordsmiths was a learning experience on its own

Thank you brothers Johan and Jaden, for just, well, being my brothers. My life would be incomplete without you two. (If anyone mentions I ever said this, I will deny it in a heartbeat, so shush.)

Thank you dada’s car for being the venue for my extremely funny late night cake cutting ceremony. You have , by far, been the best “party hall” of my life.

And mostly, above all, I would like to thank God, the giver and taker of my life, for making May 13 2016 so beautiful. So many people around the world don’t get to live up to this age and even if they do, they end succumbing to life’s pressures like depression, poverty, malnutrition, disease etc. I am among a select few that is being so abundantly blessed by the Almighty and I’m extremely grateful for every second of it.

Hopefully, one day, by His Grace, I will translate each and every breath I take into a meaningful purpose that will change the world.

Until then, all I need to do, is say, for one last time, Thank YOU!


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