This is not a blog post.

Have you ever been in a situation wherein the workload has gotten so tough to handle that you cannot take it anymore? Like as if you have got all these creative ideas in your  head, bustling within an airtight bag and you just cannot undo the seams because have no time.

I hate grumbling about my college but that’s how I feel right now. Overworked like a mule and underestimated like a donkey. These past two months have made me feel like no matter how much hardwork I put in, it’s just never enough and I’m tired.

Whenever I’m frantically working/fussing/stressing over something, my mind goes abuzz with a list of other creative things I could possibly have been doing at that moment but am not.

Such as:

  1. Doing some pinterest inspired sassy arts and crafts (My latest obsession is miniatures. They’re so cute and easy to make.!)
  2. Reading a novel (Woe to those who go to the library everyday but have to force themselves away from the novel section)
  3. Working on those lifestyle themed blog posts I had intended on doing every week but never came around to. (Because uggh lack of time)
  4. Just breathing at a normal pace/like a regular human being
  5. Giving my room a massive makeover and posting about it.
  6. WRITING MY DIARY (This used to be a basic necessity and now it’s a rare luxury.)
  7. Laugh more often. (Nothing seems very funny these days)



2 responses to “This is not a blog post.

  1. Ah no, I’m sorry you’re feeling like you have loads of work! I hope that you get more time to do all those wonderful things — I recently gave my room a long-overdue makeover and it felt wonderful. Even if now all the rubbish is just stuffed in drawers rather than scattered everywhere. 😛

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