Yay! Gifts.

I believe that now is the perfect time to sit down and thank each and everyone of my friends for all the lovely gifts they got me on my birthday. ( Yes. I know. My birthday was almost three months ago but it’s  better late than never right? )

*awkwardly moves away from all those judgmental glances boring at my skull*

More than the gift itself, the thought behind it is what that matters (No really. I mean it) and this year’s gifts were an exact reflection of how much my friends really care about making me feel happy.

And yay. So I begin.

(Please pardon the horrible quality of my photographs. I’m still a beginner.)


This was one of the first gifts I received on my birthday and they made me so emotional that one of the envelopes actually ended up flying away in to the wind.( And that too, in a horribly cheesy Bollywood manner). If you are wondering what these are, let me tell you that they are nothing but the most beautiful, relevant and touching letters in the world. My best friend Anshu wrote these with an intention of having each of them read at a particular milestone / event of my life. There are also some for each mood. I obviously haven’t read all of them but the one’s that I’ve read were so beautiful that I couldn’t help but marvel at the sheer thoughtfulness of this gesture.

Oh, and her little sister helped her design the envelopes and the quilled art on it according to the topic of each letter. How cute!


(Is your mind going awww yet?)


Hehe, if anyone ever reads the Whatsapp conversations that my friend Nitya and I share, they would definitely know what this gift meant. (But obviously you don’t because you ain’t no creepy stalker. I think. ) I have had this crazy obsession with frogs ever since we learnt about them two semesters ago and this li’l cute thing (who is tentatively called ‘frog’) does nothing to reduce that obsession.


There are three gifts in one picture here. I was trying to be all aesthetic and artsy with this but I know, I know. I have failed. (But it’s okay. I’ll get better at it someday.) These soothingly beautiful blue glass rocks were given to me by Neena because duh, blue is my absolute favorite color and home decor accessories are definitely some of my most favorite things in the world.

Akansha gave me that lovely photo frame right there which already had a photo of me she had taken a gazillion years ago. It’s one of the happiest pictures I have of myself (even though the stage make-up I had on my face that day made me look like that Joker guy from the Batman movies) and it currently sits proudly on my study table!

Those earrings are obviously from Nitya again (How can Nitya and earrings not come in the same sentence? She’s like the earring queen of our university) and they are blue (YAY!) and oh-so-pretty. Like always


Oh my goodness, I love crafting, pretty paper, funky stationary and all this related (in any way remotely possible) to fun creative pinterest style scrapbooking! Not to mention, my craze for post-it notes is quite renowned among the small population of the world that actually knows me in person. So when I get a gift that has both these aspects combined, what can I say. but thank you thank you thank you Sunayana and Rukmini!

candle stand.jpg

Moooore blue. I’m sure you’re seeing a pattern here. Believe it or not, just the day before I got this present , I had seen this lovely vintage style tea light holder in a shop and  remember coveting it so much. Imagine my shock the next day when I realized I had one of these now to call my own. It’s so pretty and matches perfectly with the theme of a novel I had in mind (which I’ll probably write in my free time-which is after my PhD-which will be like a gazillion years from today) and it’s so unfortunate that the characters from my books are unable to actually see it (Because they are kinda fictional and non-existent. Other than in my head)


Speaking of more vintage stuff, thank you Patricia for these lovely handmade letter papers. They’re so dainty that I absolutely dread the day that I’ll ruin its beauty with my horrible handwriting. If you look closer, you’ll actually see real dried leaves and flower petals on it. How exquisite!

sarah kay.jpg

When Anshu gave me this gift, my jaw dropped so low that you could actually see my esophagus inside. Sarah Kay is my ultimate inspiration for all things poetry and I look up to her so much, it’s crazy. This book really brought tears to my eyes. Literally. I just could not believe that I now owned an original copy of SARAH KAY’S BOOK! The feeling of joy/shock/surprise/ brain numbnation (That’s really not a word.)  was so overwhelming that I just could not describe it. I don’t think I still can. Till date.

And it’s not just the gesture that was so …sooo… (See? I just cannot describe it), it’s the poems. Have you ever read magic? No, right? That’s probably because you have never read this book.

And so yes. These are the wonderful gifts I received this year. I am sorry to keep you waiting guys for so long to hear this from me but it’s true- you guys are officially are the best set of friends that a girl could possibly have. And the birthdays are truly wonderful times to realize how blessed I am in every way, not just materially but emotionally as well.

Thanks guys!


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