How to recycle a plastic ice-cream tub..and de-stress!

Now,assuming that the title was self-explanatory, I will proceed with my amateur attempt at DIY tutorials, right away.

(Heads up: This is my first time writing a post like this and while I am no artist, I really hope you enjoy this tutorial. It was a lot of fun to do and can really help to calm those nerves down.)

Step 1: Buy a tub of ice-cream

Step 2: Eat  all the ice-cream in the said tub.

Step 3: Check your weight on a weighing machine and cry

Step 4: Use said tears to wash the the ice-cream tub clean. Alternatively, tap water and soap may also be used.


Step 5: Dip some plaster of paris in water and wrap the tub with it. (I personally use the roll form which is easier to work with, but the powder form will also give the same effect.)


Step 6: Once your plaster dries, draw whatever you want on it. As I said before, I am a pathetic artist and cannot draw anything more sophisticated than a stick figure. Hence, I opted for something simple (Kawaii disney princess-don’t judge me!) but may the sky be the limit for you.


Step 7: I always (ALWAYS!) use a black marker or sketch pen to trace after I am done drawing the rough sketch. It helps me color ‘inside the lines.’ (Stop smirking)


Step 8: Paint your tub! I usually use acrylic colours for painting on plaster of paris but since I ran out this time, I used water colors and poster paints instead. Worked just as well.20170419_142226[1].jpg

Step 9: Voila! You are done! I am thinking of using it to create a mini terrarium in my bedroom but tubs like these can also be used as excellent storage containers!

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and please do let me know if you have or are planning to try it out yourself! Tell me how yours turned out and maybe we can laugh at my attempts together haha.




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