About me

cropped-img_02451.jpgWho am I? That’s the real question isn’t it?

I’ve lived with myself for the past nineteen years and yet have no inkling of who I truly am, in all my spiritual, philosophical, scientific and artistic entirety.

I am a daughter, a sister, a cousin, a passerby, a classmate, a lab mate, a college mate, a friend and a best friend.

I am a science student, whose head is always looming with questions I want to answer, research I want to do, experiments I wish to blow my mind away with and my ear is pressed at the door, waiting to listen in on the secrets this beautiful world has in store for me

IMG-20151118-WA0000I am a writer. An amateur to be honest, but still, a writer. I have made characters that I want to introduce to the world, have inked stories that lying incomplete on half torn notebooks somewhere and I see worlds in front of me, not made of skies and roofs and walls, but of words, sentences, pauses and full stops.

I am a sister and a daughter. I love my parents and my two brothers to bits. There are times we all fight like cats and dogs and the walls of the house almost crack due to all the noise but I seriously do not know a better group of people to  be with other than my family.

My best friend is a ray of sunshine. She is the most talented person I know and I spend half my life getting her to believe that . She is whacky, crazy, fun yet reserved and shy at the same time. She’s the Woody to my Buzz Light Year and when are together, we get along like two newly ordered Neodymium magnets.

The friends I make are always special to me and I would do practically anything for them.

I love crafting, writing, reading (blogs , blogs and poems), talking about science, watching silly comedy movies , travelling, sketching, organizing my room a million times a month and color coding my outfits.

I hate almost nothing with the exception of rich people who allow their fancy dogs to “dirty” the roads, the colour brown, leggings, crime and wasting time.

God is a very important part of my life and I spend most of my time ensuring that this equation remains the same. It’s a hard and challenging thing to do in a world like this but it’s just as worthwhile as well.


I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up primarily because I want to be a lot of things at once. Right now I’m toying with the ideas of science journalist, environmentalist, biotechnology entrepreneur, crafting guru and spoken word poet.

If you’re wondering about the strange name I’ve given my blog, please know that there is more to it than the obvious science reference.

(A big shout out to Krishna Priya for helping me with the logo! )

(Me and my awkward Cheshire smile)

Richard Feynman, a popular theoretical physicist once said, we are all but atoms, atoms with consciousness and matter with curiosity. In this big wide universe of beings,creations,  cultures, ideas and opinions, we are all merely atoms, a small insignificant puzzle piece in the picture of the whole.

But look inside you. You are an atom in this universe but are also a universe of atoms. Buzzing around, dancing to your own unique tunes, making you the person you are.

Hundreds and hundreds of little things make you, you.

And here I am, just another happy little atom, embarking on a journey to discover everything my universe is made of.